Kind of a repost but this is my first story i was brave enough to publish

I have since written about 20 other stories but left them all unfinished or not reviewed by and editor.

I do have one that was just reviewed and I need to update my draft based on their recommendations so I hope to post that in the next week. Until then, I hope you enjoy what is on my dirty mind ;)

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@parogide it was quite erotic. Was actually waiting to see if you would take it forward with the husband now wanting to take her wife despite her obvious disinterest.

@ajscorp69 thanks a bunch! i have a draft of the 2nd chapter of this story though its quite unfinished. i may revisit it after this next story i am about to release (new on from a husbands perspective... i am resisting adding the wifes perspective to it at the moment)

@parogide looking forward to it. Always like it like that. One perspective. Sometimes cmbining perspectives complicates the narrative.

@ajscorp69 the most erotic part for me (aside from the genres) is just the right amount of tension before someones will breaks, and what they are thinking while it all takes place... like that last little pebble that is kicked away before the landslide occurs. it's kinda why i liked that story "Innocent Night at the Casino" so much

@parogide and there lies the ability of the writer to take the tension to that level, whereby the reader becomes part of the story, intrigued and hooked. I love that part where the will finally breaks and he/she succumbs to the inner desire, however sexual it may be, however dark.

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