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I'm brand new here and trying to build something, so would appreciate any follows and retweets while I find my feet!

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A new Mastodon home! Goodbye content warnings! Hello smut!

yay!!! I made great progress on my newest story, applied most of the edits from the editor and just need a few more paragraphs to help detail out certain aspects in the story! i am very happy right now!!! my block has been unstopped 😁

ok i am actually working on my story again 🤓

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I dislike the sentiment of some on the other site that insist WE MUST STAY AND FIGHT.

Why? No thanks. Social media is not a political crusade for me. Or a space to clash worldviews with racists. I prefer it to be a refuge from those things. A place where I can find kind and interesting people, points of view, and cat photos.

Give me peace and harmony over watching Kanye eat his own feces in 280 characters any day...

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Erotic story about married woman who meets a new friend 

after reading it yet again, i really enjoyed the tension and build up the most. it made the actual sexual encounter feel more alive 👅

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Erotic story about married woman who meets a new friend 

i thought i would share this story as it was the one that got me to start writing my own naughty ideas and lines up with my kink.

It is about a wife who makes a new friend at the casino and end up getting really close with him while her husband focuses gambling.
by cassandrapa979 (I wish they wrote more stories like this)

i took care of myself many times with this one 😉

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Where are all the erotica writers?
Let’s find each other!

(Please boost for more response & comment with other great places for erotic writers)
#QuestionOfTheDay #WritersLift #Erotica

Hi I am Paro! I like to consume and create erotic stories, mostly around my own kinks but I also know "kink" is a very subjective thing for each individual (to each is their own)

I tend to like stories around and sex (bonus if it is all three) that's just my kink. If you share some of those kinks or are curious then please feel free to enjoy!

Kind of a repost but this is my first story i was brave enough to publish

I have since written about 20 other stories but left them all unfinished or not reviewed by and editor.

I do have one that was just reviewed and I need to update my draft based on their recommendations so I hope to post that in the next week. Until then, I hope you enjoy what is on my dirty mind ;)

@mtstorm I decided to join your server now since its more along the lines of what i like to do 😉

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