It kinda feels weird looking through a social media platform and seeing nothing but respect, tolerance and general niceness. Looking back on my bird life I think it contributed more to me getting mad and not writing than helping me reach a community or authors and readers.

I would like to do an post for myself and this community instance for people who are coming over from the bird and looking for a home. is a friendly instance of people who love to write and read erotica. It is a brand new instance and we welcome anyone interested in writing, reading or just learning more about the business and art of erotica.

Are there any authors successfully making an income or generating leads from the serial sites like Vella. Do you prefer ? Are there other episodic services out there?
I ask as I’m working on a serial and I would hate to lock it to Vella and find it’s just bad right now

As the weather cools and we wrap up more in our homes. Do you find it easier or more of a challenge in your

Still working on my project. I had planned on using the 50k words to write 10 serial shorts but my word count is terrible this time. Going to keep on, but I think I’ll be missing the 50k

Authors of I am looking for new accounts to follow and people to read. Share your books or stories to me here!