Looking for instance recommendations that aren't widely blocked where I can still write my NSFW content! I'm fine with hiding it behind a content warning, I just have recently recognized how unmoderated .social is

I write plot-heavy lesbian monster/furry romance, for the record

@esmeeresidae Fellow erotica writer @mtstorm has created erotica.social. I'm not sure if anyone defederated because it's fairly new.

@AimeeMaroux @esmeeresidae @mtstorm

Ooo, that would be grand but upon signing up my browser is telling me the site isn't secure :(


@JackHawkland @AimeeMaroux @esmeeresidae I’m having issues with the email that comes from the site using a subdomain with out an ssl. The site is secure. You can just not use the edit profile links in your email until I can get the subdomain sorted out

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