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I've been struggling with ideas for some steamy shorts. Don't know why. Maybe I need to stop getting myself off so often the creative juices go back to my brain.

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Salut! ✌️ I'm Simone. I make MULTI-MEDIA . 🔞

What is that??

🥀"Blood on Her Lips" follows the story of Rose, a living in . She gets turned into a vampire and fucks along the way.

💃🏻 and are posted as companion media. plays a big role! 🎶

🦋 SimoneDeBoudoir.com

🔔 Sub for updates (free): simonedeboudoir.substack.com

I'll be posting and here. Follow me! 🖤💋

Anyone publishing erotica on Medium? I would love to connect on there and share some views

Debating wether to try this next short story in , , or . What do you prefer to write your with?

It kinda feels weird looking through a social media platform and seeing nothing but respect, tolerance and general niceness. Looking back on my bird life I think it contributed more to me getting mad and not writing than helping me reach a community or authors and readers.

I'm brand new here and trying to build something, so would appreciate any follows and retweets while I find my feet!

I just signed up and bought and software. Looking forward to digging into it and using it on my move back to longer shorts for Amazon and other marketplaces and away from Medium

@JackHawkland @AimeeMaroux @esmeeresidae I’m having issues with the email that comes from the site using a subdomain with out an ssl. The site is secure. You can just not use the edit profile links in your email until I can get the subdomain sorted out

I *WILL* curate what gets seen here. I *WILL* try to make it a nice place for BDSM models, producers and fans to socialise, publicise and interact.

I don't care what you think about FrEeSpeeCh. You can shout all you like from your own instances. We don't have to listen, and Mastodon provides us with ample tools to make sure we don't have to.

If you're on another instance? No free porn for you.

If you're on this instance (and no-one so far complaining is I must emphasise) - run your own.

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Exploring sense for some stories... anyone out there who likes to be get turned on when their partner makes them rub their feet after work no matter now bad they may ? What are the things going through your mind when you play?

Kind of a repost but this is my first story i was brave enough to publish


I have since written about 20 other stories but left them all unfinished or not reviewed by and editor.

I do have one that was just reviewed and I need to update my draft based on their recommendations so I hope to post that in the next week. Until then, I hope you enjoy what is on my dirty mind ;)

so since I am here now, allow me to do some SLEEP PROPAGANDA




and the fact that we are forced to compromise on sleep in order to fulfill duties to capitalism is an immense injustice and health risk.

lack of sleep obviously increases stress levels and therefore the risk for all kinds of diseases, but it also damages your brain on a cellular level because SLEEP MAINTAINS THE INTEGRITY OF YOUR BRAIN.

Does any gurus out there know how to make sure links in welcome emails through sendgrid don't end up with an unsecure subdomain of your instance?

If you are new here, there are some great nuggets of information in this post. We would like to encourage our users to use CamelCase in hashtags. mastodon.art/@Curator/10931889

For our new users who are coming in from the bird app. Here is a very useful infographic on how the toots work and who can see and interact with your content

What are you working on this weekend? Myself, I’ll be enjoying some family time during the day and kinky adult time with my SO

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