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It's the Day of Ares / Mars' Day / !

"[] had just returned from the palace of mighty Zeus her father, and was sitting down in the house as Ares entered it. He took her hand and spoke: 'Come, my darling; let us go to bed and take our delight together. Hephaistos is no longer here; by now, I think, he has made his way to Lemnos.'
So he spoke, and sleep with him was a welcome thought to her."
Homer, Odyssey 8. 267

The most comprehensive Hera cheat sheet you'll get on the web! Associated gods, iconography, offspring, foster children, major cult centres, epithets, and theophoric names, all sourced.

A labour of love for my patrons on :

Airship Pirate ✨ This illustration is a tarot card, "The World" for the Magical tarot project, which will eventually published by 78 Tarot.

Medium: Photoshop & Wacom Intuos, as always

Herakles has a hiney so fine his lovers were "beyond counting".

"The fresco shows the initial meeting between and his wife Deianira and the centaur Nessos, before the tragedy unfolds."

"Image: National Archaeological Museum, Naples (9001)"

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It's the Day of Selene / Luna's Day / !

This Roman bronze statuette depicts a female figure suspended in the air with her toes pointed as if about to land. Her right hand grasps what might be the end of a short, down-turned torch. The billowing cloak is iconic for , therefore, she represents Selene or perhaps Nyx, the goddess of the night.

A pretty hot drawing of Apollo drawn on request from a reference.

(where "girls" is shorthand for "everyone who isn't a straight cis white adult male.")

It's the Day of Helios / Sol's Day / !

Here, the Sun is depicted on an oil lamp. Helios is seated, the sun ray crown or aureola making it easy to identify him. In the background, his horses seem to be in a stable. He is being approached by from the left.

Today in the Antikensammlung München

War in Ukraine, Eurovision 


water and sprinkle their goods and their hair, praying to to "wash away all the lies of the past".
As tells it, Mercurius on high laughs aloud at such prayers, remembering how he himself stole Apollo's cattle.

Happy ! May all your business efforts be fruitful 💙

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is the , a Roman festival commemorating the founding of a Temple of Mercurius in Rome "facing the Circus", as Ovid tells us in his Fasti.
All those who make a living trading their wares offer incense to Mercurius and pray to him to swell their profits.
Close to the Capena Gate in Rome there is a fountain called aqua Mercurii, "Mercury’s fountain". The merchants would draw water from the fountain and carry it off in a purified jar. They would dip a laurel branch into the (...)

It's the here at Erotic Mythology!

is shown returning from his campaign in India riding a . His father Zeus sent him to conquer India to earn his godhead. Many of his siblings supported him but Hera, Ares, and Hephaistos fight against him.

The Leadenhall Street Mosaic, 1st-2nd century CE

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May 13th, 110 CE—#OnThisDay Hermias sells his "red cow with crooked horns" (βοῦν πυρόχρωμον σκα[μβὴν τὰ] κέρατ(α)) for 120 silver drachmae, saying that if she does not please the buyer, he'll buy the cow back for 3.5x the price.;2;19A

While I'm having #ttrpg thoughts, what's your favourite piece of Celtic mythology or mythology inspired media? GURPS Celtic Myth and Song Of The Sea are mine. I was thinking that it would be fun to use Icons to run a superhero game like Thor, Black Panther, or Shang Chi, but connected to a mythologically inspired magical/high tech world inspired by my own ancestral background.

For I want to recommend a few folks whose I have enjoyed immensely since coming to the 💕

@BFire92 of in modern times, especially , & .

@Bronzebart illustrations, at the moment a series of amazing mermen for !

@sacharner has won my heart with their illustrations of tiny black cat Void 🐾

@stella I'm in awe of her and illustrations, especially Thor and Freyja from !

Ich konnte nicht anders.
#heartstopper und #mermay
Ich wünschte, eine Serie wie die hätte es in meiner Jugend gegeben.
#prideillustration #characterdesign #mermay22 #illustration

"The Ritual" - personal painting inspired by ancient roman interiors ❤
Medium: Photoshop and Wacom Intuos tablet

Elon #Musk praises #Chinese workers for ‘burning the 3am oil’ – here’s what that really looks like
#Tesla’s massive Shanghai ‘Giga-factory’ pushes its workers to the limit to meet production targets amid an ongoing pandemic lockdown

He's the baddie

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